Clinic Management Software

Streamlining patient billing and appointment management in hospitals and clinics used to be a chaotic ordeal. However, with the introduction of DocPulse’s Clinic Management Software, a systematic process has evolved. Notably, this software has minimized paper usage, consolidating essential information in one accessible location. Doctors can effortlessly collaborate with different departments on medical health records. The software’s digital maintenance of prescriptions, bills, and calculations has resulted in significant time savings, enabling doctors to concentrate more on their core activities.

The Leading Clinic Management System in India. Manage Appointments, Bills, Payments and Patient Data with Ease!


  • Set up timings without any hurdle
  • Manage patient appointments with IVR, app or online
  • Handle the queue in a waiting room instantly


  • Systematize the recording of payments & creation of bills
  • Printed receipts signifying the brand name

Patient Records

  • Keep a track of your patient visits & history; easily and digitally!
  • Printed prescriptions for easy understanding
  • Improved care

Safety & Security

  • Confidentiality is priority! With the practice management software, data is safe and secure
  • We comply with the international data norms

Take the clinical experience to another level with
practice management software

It is strongly advisable to adopt top-notch practice management software for your hospital. Given the inherently sensitive nature of the healthcare industry, selecting the right software is crucial to enhance efficiency in managing hospitals, clinics, and doctors, ultimately ensuring prompt and satisfactory service for patients.