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Build a Better Management System for Labs and Pharmacies
with the LIMS Software

DocPulse Lab is connected to billing, and enables sample collection, recording of results, error checking and print outs. Technology has been a savior in every step and phase to make life a lot easier and with the LIMS Software coming into the picture, lab and pharmacy work like investigating patient bills, creating medical reports, entering values, etc has now made work efficient & easy. This lab automation system generates reports without any errors in no time! This tailor-made software for Labs & Pharmacies to improve the management as well.


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Benefits of LIMS Software

Laboratory Management System

Comprehensive End-to-End Lab Management Software

For all investigation bills, easily create lab reports, enter values, automatically check ranges, and print out lab reports on your letterhead!

Lab Automation

DocPulse Lab Agent will read results automatically and populate into reports. Less errors, faster turnaround time!

lab automation system for healthcare


With SMS and Email notifications, patients can get notified when report is ready.

LIMS Software- email notifications
Lab management software for Hospitals,doctors,patients

Portal and App Access

Patients can login to the portal to download reports. Also, they can download the mobile app and view reports on the phone!

Features Of Laboratory Information Management System

We have everything you need and more!

Comprehensive LIS

Out of the box support for all well known lab tests, their fields and ranges.


Add and remove lab tests and fields as per your workflow.

Automatic Range Check

Built in formulas compute out of range values automatically.

Email Report

Send report emails as PDF to your patients.

Report Ready Notification

Send Report ready notification to your patient by SMS.

Report Editor

Comprehensive report editor for easy editing of values.

Custom Field Support

Add and remove fields needed for your report.

Report Authorization

Multiple levels of authorization can be enabled for strict monitoring.

Automated Lab

Interface with lab equipment and automatically retrieve results.

Portal Access

Patients can login to patient portal and view reports once the report is authorized.

Mobile App

Patients can download DocPulse mobile app to view their reports.

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