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Enrich the Clinical Experience with the
Clinic Chain Management Software

Simplify the Clinical operations in the most effective way with the Clinic Chain Management Software. Doctors don’t have to hunt through the medical health records any more as this software shows you the digitized format of the records. It even helps you track the inventory and distribute them accordingly. You can even send the reports via email and SMSs.

Improving the Efficiency, Accuracy, and Cost-effectiveness

Business consistency

Create a central corporate account with multiple branches. Provide consistent experience at each branch.

Central Management

View and analyse business centrally from a corporate setup. Central call center for managing all calls and leads.

Efficient operations

With the complex operations simplified and made efficient, reap the benefits in terms of saving costs, and increase of revenues!

Features of Hospital Management Software

IVR Appointment Booking

Get a dedicated phone number for your clinic and fully automate call handling.


Central integrated smart calendar for your doctor's appointment.


Create bills, collect payments and give printed receipts.

Electronic Medical/Health Records

Digitize all health records.


Create a paperless lab - from sample taking to sending reports by email and SMS.


Create integrated pharmacy. Record stocks, issue bills and maintain accounts

Store and Inventory

Purchase, Store, Distribute your inventory and track every item.

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