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Telemedicine Software: Your healthcare expert

Allow your patients to book appointments, request video consultations & e-consults through Telemedicine Software in India.
Hosted on HIPAA compliant cloud – with end to end encryption!

With the advancement in technology, telemedicine software redefines patient care and hospitality. Why to wait for hours in a corridor when Telemedicine can bring a patient and a doctor a lot closer just at the comfort of your own homes. Get all the details about your health and the status right away just being at home.


Telemedicine Software for Hospitals,clinics and doctors

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Request E Consultation

Telemedicine Software

Request E Consultation

Your patients can request e-consultations online. Especially useful for follow ups, post surgery consultations, regular diabetic dosage adjustments etc.

Video Consultation

Video Consultation

Let your patients book a video appointment, and then consult on video. Now you do not have to be in your clinic to practice.

video-consultation software

Integration with EMR

online medical consultation

Integration with EMR

While you are in a video call, you can pull up the EMR of the patient, refer medical history just like a normal face to face consultation

Digital Prescription

Digital Prescription

Issue digitally signed secure prescriptions.



We have everything we need and more !

Collect Payments

Supports industry standard payment gateway integration for Credit card/Netbanking

Prepaid Consultation

You can issue DocPulse prepaid cards to patients. Patients can use the account to send e-consultation requests

EMR Integration

During the econsult/video consultation, past medical information is available for you to diagnose and plan treatment.

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