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Revamp The Management structure For Clinics,Hospitals & Doctors With The Electronic Medical Record Software

DocPulse EMR/EHR enables you to digitize every aspect of your interaction with your patient. Simplify the recording of medical information with the help of Electronic Medical Record Software or the EMR Software. This easy-to-use system is a blessing in disguise for Clinics, Hospitals and Doctors as it allows you to easily record medical data in customizable forms and read the patient history, treatments, diagnosis, and lots more in one place in a jiffy!

EMR and EHR Software for Hospitals

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EMR system

Easy Recording of Medical Data through EMR systems

Easily record complaints, diagnosis, medical history into customizable forms. Pick diagnosis from personalized list, ICD10 and much more!

Capture Treatment info through EHR systems

Allows capturing of prescriptions, advise, tests. Pick drugs and dosages from easily searchable dictionary.

Electronic Medical Record Software
EHR Software

Track treatment progress through EHR Software

View key health statistics in one place. Helps in diagnosis and treatment. View data across visits. Charts and graphs eases interpretation.

Communicate Better

Using charts, graphs and printed prescriptions, gain patient’s love. Share prescription by email. Remind patients of next visit.

Electronic Medical Record Software

Features of Electronic Medical Record Software (EMR)

We have everything you need and more !


Customize EMR to record any type of data pertaining to any speciality


Automatically compute formulas such as BMI, Expected Delivery Date etc.

Growth Charts

Built in algorithms to plot percentile scores.

Key Statistics

Get one-click-view of key health indicators across visits

Visit History

Get one-click view of all past visits.


Supports templates for medications, symptoms, advises etc

ICD 10 Support

Support for advanced ICD 10 diagnosis lookup

Custom dictionaries

Create any number of custom dictionaries for easy recording

Integrated flows

Import results from lab. View pharmacy stocks. Send prescription to pharmacy

Follow Up Reminders

Automatic follow up reminders by SMS

Prescription Printout

Issue printed prescriptions to patients on your letterhead.

Drug Dictionary

Search by brand, composition. Easy selection of dosages. View stock information.

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