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Inventory Management System for Analyzing Stock Levels by
Hospitals, Clinics & Doctors

Maintain stock database, track inventory movements. You can now keep an eye on the inventory levels for Hospitals with great ease with the Inventory Management System. This software notifies the Clinics, Hospitals, and Doctors about the stock available which helps them reload from time to time thereby allowing doctors to prescribe the patients with the right medicines. This in turn allows a smooth functioning, avoiding clashes and waiting hours.

Hospital Inventory Management

Benefits of Hospital Stock And Inventory Management

Pharmacy Management System

Centralized Management of All stocks - DocPulse Stock Management System

Record and manage all stocks required for your day to day operations.

Stay on Top of Your Stock - Always with Stock Management

Get reports of pending and dispensed orders. Get a snapshot of your stocks!

Hospital Stock Management System
Hospital stock management email reminders

Get Notified by Email When Stocks Go Low

When your stocks go low, get notified so that you can replenish them in time.

Features of Inventory Management

We got everything you need and more!

Add Stocks

Add or import stocks. Capture initial quantity, details of suppliers.

Search Stocks

Get a snapshot of your inventory.

Request Stocks

Allows your staff to request for stocks online.

Dispense Stocks

Store managers can dispense stocks requested.

Manage Stock Orders

Store Managers can keep track of pending and dispensed orders.

Stock Reports

At any point, you can get a snapshot of stocks remaining and stock movements.

Stock Notifications

When any stock goes below a configured threshold, get notified by SMS and Email.

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