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Effortless Online Billing Solution

Setup flexible rate plans, create bills, collect payments and issue printed bills and receipts on your letter head!

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Track your payments

Create bills for consultations & investigations, record discounts, payments.

Printed bills and receipts

Instantly provided printed bills and receipts customized with your clinic logo and details.

Packages and Sharing

Advanced features are available to manage packages, complex sharing arithmetics with doctors / outsourcing and insourcing partners. This will save time, and ease your operations.


We have everything you need, and more!

Customizable bill items

Create any number of items for billing. Selections are made easy with suggestions


You can define packages across items,provide discounts.


Capture referral information and create reports based on such information

Reporting and Analytics

Multiple reports are available for daily and monthly collections.

Discount Handling

You can provide discounts across bill or for each item. Authorization for discounts can be enabled.

Bill Audit

Any changes to bills is tracked, and available to admins to track leakages.

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