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Fuel Pharmacy and Lab Operations with the Pharmacy Management Software

Manage pharmacy stocks, create bills and collect payments with a full featured purchasing system. No more waiting for stocks! The Pharmacy Management Software alerts Labs and pharmacies about stock levels from time to time so that doctors can prescribe their patients with the apt medicines right away without any delay. Not just that! You can even track the collections for the medical bills, creation of tax bills, handle returns, etc. This tailor-made software helps in better management avoiding delays.

Pharmacy Management System

Benefits of Pharmacy Management Software

Pharmacy Billing Software

Create Tax Bills through Pharmacy Billing Software

Create tax bills, record payments and print receipts.

Manage Stocks and Returns through Pharmacy Management System

Import stocks, automatically update stocks, manage returns and get reports.

Hospital Stock Management
Hospital stock management email reminders

Get Notified by Email When Stocks Go Low

When your stocks go low, get notified so that you can replenish them in time.

Pharmacy Management System Features

We have everything you need, and more !

Generate Tax Bill

Add items, and generate a bill. Issue printed bills.

Track Payments

Capture payments, and issue receipts.

Handle Returns

Effectively handle returns, and update backend stock information.

Manage Inventory

Add, remove and import stock info with supplier details.

Stock Reports

Get a snapshot of the latest stock status.

Get Notified

Get email notifications when stocks go below threshold.

Integrate with EMR

Send prescription from EMR to pharmacy.

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