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Docpulse’s IVR Appointment Scheduling Software for Doctors, Hospitals and Clinics for Better Appointment Management

Get a dedicated number for your clinic. Patients can call 24 by 7 and book/cancel appointments without you having to answer the call!
Clinics, Hospitals or Doctors can now streamline the appointments with great ease through the Automated Appointment Scheduler with IVR. Doctors can set up a schedule simply by opening slots. Docpulse has come up with a unique feature called the IVR System to tackle and manage appointments. This allows the hospital to run in an organised manner. The Managing Appointments with IVR System provides a dedicated phone number to the Doctors so that patients can schedule the appointment dates without clashes.

Benefits of IVR Appointment Booking Software

Appointment Booking Software with IVR Feature

Dedicated 24x7 Automated Appointment Scheduler with IVR

Get a dedicated automated phone number for your clinic! You can setup your schedule using DocPulse in minutes. Patients can now call your number and book and cancel appointments over the phone.

Real Time Calendar for Doctor Appointment

You can easily setup your availability in a calendar and in real time, it will be updated across all the platforms.

Real Time Calendar for Doctor Appointment
Appointment Booking Software with aSMS reminder

SMS/Email Reminders and Notifications

Once the patient books the appointment, they get SMS confirmation and reminders of their appointments.

Control Your Practice

You can use your DocPulse account to manage the slots, cancellations, updates and shifts. Now, you can truly control your practice.

Software for patients, doctors and staff

Features of IVR Appointment Booking System

Our IVR Automated Appointment Scheduling Software is best in class. It has been packed with features that have been developed with years of working with healthcare professionals. 

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