Medical Billing Software

Docpulse is a comprehensive medical billing software solution that offers a range of features to help medical practices manage their billing and coding processes efficiently.

In today’s healthcare industry, medical billing software has become an essential tool for physicians and medical practices. With the increasing complexity of medical billing and coding, it’s no longer feasible to manage billing processes manually. Instead, medical practices are turning to software solutions such as Docpulse to automate and streamline their billing processes.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features of Docpulse:

Customizable Bill Items

Docpulse allows users to customize their billing items to meet the unique needs of their medical practice. This feature is particularly useful for medical practices that offer specialized services and require unique billing codes. With Docpulse, users can create and customize their billing items, making it easier to generate accurate bills and invoices.


One of the challenges of medical billing is managing referrals from other medical professionals. Docpulse simplifies this process by allowing users to manage referrals from within the software. This feature helps medical practices track referrals and ensures that they receive payment for the services they provide.

Reporting and Analytics

Docpulse provides users with access to detailed reporting and analytics tools. This feature allows medical practices to track billing and payment trends, identify potential issues, and make informed decisions to improve their billing processes. With Docpulse’s reporting and analytics tools, users can generate reports on billing and payment data, track patient data, and more.

Discount Handling

Docpulse makes it easy to manage discounts and promotions. This feature is particularly useful for medical practices that offer discounts to patients or provide promotional offers. With Docpulse, users can set up discount codes and promotions, track their usage, and generate reports on their effectiveness.

Bill Audit

Docpulse offers users an automated bill audit feature, which helps medical practices avoid billing errors and compliance issues. This feature allows users to review and audit bills and invoices, ensuring that they comply with relevant regulations and are accurate.

In conclusion, medical billing software like Docpulse is a vital tool for medical practices to streamline their billing processes and improve efficiency. With customizable bill items, referral management, reporting and analytics, discount handling, and bill audit features, Docpulse is an excellent choice for medical practices of all sizes. By automating billing processes and ensuring accuracy, medical practices can focus on providing quality patient care while improving their financial management.

Medical Billing Software

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Medical Billing Software for Clinics,
Hospitals And Doctors

Setup flexible rate plans, create bills, collect payments and issue printed bills and receipts on your letterhead!

Benefits of Medical Billing Software


Track Your Payments by DocPulse, Hospital Billing Software

This Online Billing Software provides complete end-to-end solution for Healthcare providers.

Printed Bills and Receipts

Instantly provided printed bills and receipts customized with your clinic logo and details.

Hospital Billing Software
bill consultation services for healthcare

Packages and Sharing

Advanced features are available to manage packages, complex sharing arithmetics with doctors / outsourcing and insourcing partners. This will save time, and ease your operations.

Features of Clinic Billing Software

We have everything you need, and more!

Customizable Bill Items

Create any number of items for billing. Selections are made easy with suggestions.


You can define packages across items, provide discounts.


Capture referral information and create reports based on such information.

Reporting and Analytics

Multiple reports are available for daily and monthly collections.

Discount Handling

You can provide discounts across bill or for each item. Authorization for discounts can be enabled.

Bill Audit

Any changes to bills is tracked, and available to admins to track leakages.

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