Ekbet Apk

Steps to download and install the App

  • Step 1: Register

Create a Ekbet apk account. If you wish, deposit after taking a tour of our platform and benefit from our exclusive bonuses.


  • Step 2: Download

Go to the Ekbet apk website, go to the bottom and select: view all Ekbet apk apps, if you have Android. If you have iOS you can also use the App Store.


  • Step 3: Install

Find the application in the downloads folder, select it to start the installation and access the required permissions.


  • Step 4: Recharge and Bet

Log in and look for the opening bonus, or reload. Go to the markets section, choose the match of your choice and place your bet.


Ekbet apk App for iOS and Android

Access the fun from anywhere!

Ekbet apk makes it even easier for you to enjoy the virtual experience offered by its platforms with its new Ekbet apk App. Enjoy betting on the world's biggest competitions through the best sports betting markets. As well as indulging in their endless range of casino games, live casino and many more.

Why download the Ekbet apk App?

  • Security and Confidence

The excitement of sports, the joy of casino and the intensity of online poker all in one place: Ekbet apk India.


  • Watch Football Free

Bet on live sporting events and live streaming of the most exciting matches for free.


  • Bet at Ekbet apk!

Ekbet apk India offers you multiple advantages: welcome bonuses, promotions, easy withdrawals and more...


What does the Ekbet apk App offer us?

The Internet opens many doors and gives us the ease of access to multiple services from the comfort of our homes. But with the new mobile applications the approach and convenience to all that the web has to offer increases. Through applications such as Ekbet apk App, we can enjoy it from any corner of our home or outside it. Carrying on our mobile phone all the excitement of a sports betting house and casino.


Any medium or large company already has one or is in the process of creating its App. Ekbet apk is not far behind, offering you greater convenience and better access to its services through the Ekbet apk App.


Through the Ekbet apk App, you will have direct access to the world of casinos and sports betting in a much more convenient and interactive way. In general, mobile apps guarantee the greater speed and lower connectivity demands. They also include alerts and notifications about important matters so that you don't have to remember them.


Through the Ekbet apk App, you will be able to make use of some technologies of the devices such as a camera, microphone or accelerometer. By simply accessing the screen of your device you will be able to link to a virtual experience in real time immediately and directly.


Ekbet apk App Features

  • Ekbet apk App has more than 20 languages including Hindi, Spanish, German, Italian, English, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Greek, among others.
  • This application allows you to configure your preferences in terms of languages or odds.
  • Through the Ekbet apk App, you have direct access to a wide variety of live events.
  • For ease of use, you will find multiple links to the featured events on the homepage.
  • There is an alphabetised quick-access menu.
  • You can control your bets with the option to close bets in part or in full. You can also choose to set an auto-close option. To indicate when to close your bet without having to keep an eye on it.
  • Ekbet apk App offers Push Notifications, which will keep you informed of all special offers. You can set this option to be informed about all the events you are betting on.
  • You will be able to find the current offers with their respective deposit bonuses and combinations.
  • In the live matches section, you will be able to watch in real-time all the matches in this section.
  • Through the Ekbet apk App, you can make deposits and withdrawals securely. A wide range of payment methods is available.
  • If you download the Ekbet apk App casino version you can also enjoy roulette, poker, slots or blackjack.
  • This app is available for smartphones or Tablets as long as they have Android, iOS or Windows Phone operating systems.


How to use the Ekbet apk App?

Once you have registered with Ekbet apk you must make your minimum deposit and you can search in the main menu for the sport or event of your choice. Within the section of available bets, you can select one by clicking on its respective odds. At the bottom of the page, you will find your betting slip, with detailed information about your selection.


In the case of single bets, you must indicate the amount and click on the bet. You can also select multiple bets and multiple options on several of them as you prefer.


Differences between Ekbet apk mobile and desktop version

  • The desktop version of Ekbet apk and the mobile app has the same options.
  • In its favour, the Ekbet apk App will increase your convenience due to its simplified and intuitive design.
  • In addition, Ekbet apk App has a notification service that will save you from constantly logging in to the website to check for updates.
  • On the other hand, the desktop version, due to the screen size and full format, can also offer you comfort.


How to download the Ekbet apk App on Android?

Ekbet apk has one of the best mobile apps for sports betting or online casino on the market. Ekbet apk App offers you the advantages of a computer from the comfort of your Android device. Ekbet apk App is characterized by its fast and efficient operation or advantages such as real-time odds updates.

This mobile app will make it easy to navigate and is ideal for live betting. It will allow you to hunt for the best odds the moment they appear, guaranteeing you the best possible profits.


Through the Ekbet apk App, you will be able to follow the events that Ekbet apk broadcasts via streaming. The only requirement is that you have bet on them within the previous 24 hours. To download Ekbet apk App from your Android device follow the section below:


Pre-installation steps

Enable the option to allow apps from unknown sources to be installed. Google does not usually allow gambling apps in its Marketplace so it is not responsible and this procedure is mandatory. You can commonly find the option in the settings section of your Android device> security or apps. It may vary but it is never difficult to find it. Another option can be to put directly in the search bar the word "origins".



  1. Go to the Ekbet apk website.
  2. Go to the bottom of the website and scroll down to the option that says view all Ekbet apk apps.
  3. Select the option to download the mobile sports app or the poker app.



If you are not yet an Ekbet apk customer, register via the Ekbet apk website. Once you have done so, proceed to the next section:


  1. Find the Ekbet apk App in the download folder of your Android device and select install.
  2. Select the option to allow for each of the devices that the process requires.


How to download Ekbet apk App on iOS?

Ekbet apk App will allow you to navigate much more quickly and efficiently. From the comfort of your mobile phone as if you were doing it from your computer. Making it easier for you to hunt for odds at the right time, allowing you to get the best possible returns. And make the most of the live betting option.


Ekbet apk streams a large number of events which you can enjoy via the Ekbet apk App. As long as you have bet on the event in question within the previous 24 hours. The Ekbet apk App is one of the best-regarded mobile apps in the sports betting and online casino industry. To download it from your iOS device continue to the next section:


Before downloading and installing

Downloading and installing Ekbet apk App is very simple, as you can do it directly through the app store. All you have to do is access the registration section on the Ekbet apk website and fill in the required information. This app has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 in the App Store and is a creation of the company Hillside Limited (New media).


You can find it in at least 20 languages but it will install directly in English. All you need to install it is iOS 8.1 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.


You can also download it directly from the Ekbet apk website as shown below:


  1. Register with the house in the main section of the Ekbet apk website.
  2. Then go to the bottom of the page and click on: see all Ekbet apk apps.
  3. Select either the sports betting or poker version.


Advantages of the Ekbet apk mobile app

Ekbet apk App offers countless advantages in terms of accessibility and convenience. Constantly updated odds, bets and promotions will be pretty much taken care of with the Ekbet apk App. For an in-depth look at what it has to offer read below:


  • With Ekbet apk App you will have access to major sports such as football, tennis or basketball.
  • You will have access to the main greyhound or horse racing sections.
  • The main updated odds with daily betting highlights.
  • The option to watch bets to place on the spot.
  • Ekbet apk App features alphabetical quick access for easy access to sports betting and casino games.
  • You can access a host of less popular but equally important sports, such as volleyball, snooker, surfing and more.
  • Through their Push Notification system, you will effortlessly find out about all important events and promotions.
  • Through the Ekbet apk App, you will be able to create multi bets and get superior odds.
  • You can access full statistics on the most relevant teams and their opponents at any stage of any event.
  • The Ekbet apk App offers the option of full or partial betting closure. Which is very useful for securing winnings or reducing losses. Freeing your bets from the oscillations of the odds.
  • Through Ekbet apk App you can make quick withdrawals and deposits as securely as on the website.
  • You can access their streaming service as long as you place your bet 24 hours before the event in question.
  • You can configure the way the odds are displayed according to your preference.
  • You will have access to all the casino games available on the website.
  • Ekbet apk App is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phones in over 20 languages.


Ekbet apk App Design

Mobile app designs are made for ease of use and are usually geared towards convenience and simplicity. In the case of the Ekbet apk App, it is no different. The new Ekbet apk mobile app was developed by Hillside Limited (New media). Which holds a privileged position in the field of mobile application development.


Ekbet apk App has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 in the App store. And it is considered one of the best mobile applications for sports betting or casinos on the market. It has an excellent design that will allow you to enjoy betting during your leisure time at work. And while you're on the go, it's ideal for taking a look at the day's picks or placing a bet.


Available offer

Ekbet apk App has all the options for sports betting and casino games. From the main international football competitions of the best leagues in Asia, Europe and America to local tournaments. Among the most popular sports, you can find football, basketball, baseball, horse racing and greyhound racing.


There are also other important sports such as cycling, handball, darts and others. Or you can enjoy the most exclusive golf, ice hockey and tennis.


In the casino section, you can find roulette, poker, blackjack and slots. All of these in a wide variety of versions. You will be able to bet freely on any of these options in the same way as you do on the website. Winning in interactivity and ease.


Live streaming of sporting events

On the Ekbet apk App, you can follow all types of live sporting events. As long as you have bet within the previous 24 hours, you will have access to live images and full statistics on the event of your choice. You will then be able to follow and opt for the corresponding live betting options.


This option applies to a wide range of sports such as football, tennis, basketball, baseball and horse racing.


Can I bet live on the Ekbet apk App?

Yes, to bet live via the Ekbet apk App open the app and go to the event of your choice. Alternatively, you can go to the "Live" section in the main menu of the app. Locate the bet slip on any available event and watch the odds update, enter the amount and click bet. If you see the "Play" symbol within the event you can access the image service and watch the event live.


Online casino games on the Ekbet apk App

Through the Ekbet apk App, you will be able to access all the online casino options. If you are a fan of the world of betting and casinos you can access it from the comfort of your mobile phone. Winning in interactivity and ease from anywhere and at any time.

Through the mobile application, you will be able to access all the promotions and bonuses as well as be alerted through the notification service. So you can make the most profit at the most opportune moment.


Play poker on the Ekbet apk App

If you are a poker fan, don't worry, the new Ekbet apk mobile app offers this service. Through it, you will be able to access any type of card game including poker. Due to the characteristics of the game, it is an excellent option to play from your Smartphone. At any time and from anywhere, always live and in real-time with players from all over the world.


Through the Ekbet apk App, you will be able to access bonuses and promotions for this game in the same way as through the conventional method.


Ekbet apk App Promotions

All Ekbet apk promotions available for PC are also available for the mobile app. These include welcome bonuses for casino or sports betting and even some additional bonuses.


Ekbet apk Sports Welcome Bonus

Once your account is opened, deposit as little as 500 INR and you will receive up to 1500 INR bonus.


Procedure to obtain it

  1. Open the account and request your 100% sign-up bonus.
  2. Then deposit a minimum of 500 INR.
  3. To apply for the bonus go to the "members" section in the menu under "services".
  4. Then go to "available offers" and select "apply".
  5. After this procedure, you can bet with the bonus on the sports and markets of your choice. It is important to note that before making a withdrawal you must have wagered three times the amount of the deposit and the bonus.


Sports Bonus Conditions

  • Deposit a minimum of 500 INR.
  • The maximum bonus is 1500 INR  regardless of the amount deposited.
  • You can play the amount of your qualifying deposit up to 1500 INR subject to the relevant conditions found in the full version.
  • The rollover wagering requirements for this bonus must be met within 90 days. Failure to do so will result in the bonus balance being removed.
  • It is mandatory to claim the offer within 7 days of the deposit.
  • Deposits made before application will not count towards the initial requirements.

For full details please see the full terms and conditions.

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