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Fully automate your Doctor appointments with DocPulse IVR

Get a dedicated number for your clinic. Patients can call 24 by 7 and book/cancel appointments without you having to answer the call!

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IVR system

Dedicated 24x7 Automated Appointment IVR Number

Get a dedicated automated phone number for your clinic! You can setup your schedule using DocPulse in minutes. Patients can now call your number and book and cancel appointments over the phone.

Real Time Calendar

Easily setup availability in a calendar, and in real time, it updates everywhere. During the call, your schedule is checked, appointment slots are provided. No more clashes! Reduce wait time and increase patient satisfaction.

SMS/Email Reminders and Notifications

Once the patient books the appointment, they get SMS confirmation, reminders of their appointments.

Control your practice

You can use your DocPulse account to manage the slots, cancellations, updates, shifting. Now, you can truly control your practice.


Our appointment system is best in class. Packed with features that have been developed with years of working with health professionals

Issue Tokens

You can choose to send sequence numbers for each appointment

Vacation Message

Automatically detects your availability and announces if doctor is on leave/vacation

Add Multiple Locations

You can add multiple practice locations, and everything just works

Manage Waiting Room

Automatically queues patients. You can display the queue on a TV. Also, announce the next patient.

Web Appointments

You get a search engine optimized profile page for clinic and all doctors. Patients will be able to book appointments online.

Reserve Slots

You can specify slots as walkin/reserve slots, which will not be available for patients to book.

Multi doctor and department support

IVR supports multiple doctors, and multiple departments. Handles many parallel calls.

Patient App

Your patients can download the DocPulse app from Google and Apple stores, and book appointments.

Appointment Summary SMS

Doctors will get an SMS with the summary of all appointments

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