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Safety And Security

Data is secured both in transit and at rest. We follow HIPAA guidelines to ensure security of PII data. Application is hosted in a HIPAA compliant infrastructure. We also ensure that your data is protected from unauthorized access using the latest security protocols. Finally, we do not generate any revenue by providing any direct services to your patients, hence we do not need to access your data for any other purposes other than to provide you technical support when requested.

data security

Take the clinical experience to another level with
practice management software

Implementing the best practice management software for your hospital is highly recommended. Being an industry that’s sensitive by nature, it’s extremely important to use the right software to bring in more efficiency in the management for hospitals, clinics and doctors, and satisfying
patients with a speedy service.


IVR Appointment Booking

Get a dedicated phone number for your clinic and fully automate call handling.


Central integrated smart calendar for your doctor's appointment.


Create bills, collect payments and give printed receipts.

Electronic Medical/Health Records

Digitize all health records.

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